Skin Drink Renewal Complex Moisture Balance

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This state of the art skin treatment lightly moisturizes and is recommended for all skin types. It contains no artificial colors or fragrances. It contains DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acic, and C Ester.

Butylene Glycol and Hydrocoytal extract have been added to further enhance firming and texture of the skin. These are patented ingredients derived from Echinacea and gotu kola. In clinical studies these ingredients have been shown to noticeably firm and tone skin in 30 days of use. Wrinkles and lines were diminished by 66%, and skin tone and texture improved dramatically!

Glycolic acid, an acid derived from sugar cane, has been added to slough off dead skin cells that make the skin dull and sallow, revealing a younger, fresher skin underneath.

Camu Camu, Acaie, Mangosteen are super strength antioxidants added to aid the fight against oxidation, promoting a healthier, glowing skin.

Those who have acne prone, oily skin will have fewer breakouts, and when breakouts do occur (usually due to hormone fluxuation,) they notice fewer blemishes and those heal quicker. Old scars and dark spots also begin to fade.

People with aging, sagging, and sun damaged skin, notice huge improvements in over all texture, feel, and look of their skin. Many report lightening of dark spots caused from the sun and hormones, resulting in a noticeably younger more flawless look!

This fabulous formula may be used day and night, and in conjunction with the Skin Drink Hydrating Nourisher, Day Protection, and the Skin Drink Mushroom Trilogy Renewal Serum. It wears well under make-up, providing a dewy look and feel.

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